I'm Kyle.

Summer 2015 marked the year I became another shameless Californian who fell in love with the rainy northwest and moved to Portland. I earned my BA in Graphic Design from San Jose State University in 2010 and have eight years of industry experience ranging between graphic design, video editing, and animation. Even coding (I built this site from scratch) and songwriting (I wrote & recorded the tune in my hype reel.) Video is my focus and I’m honored to have worked for local brands Portland Trail Blazers, Social CBD, and 503 Original. And not-so-local brands, Las Vegas Raiders, GoPro, and currently Volcom.

When I’m not at work I lead a DIY psych/punk band called THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. We have two drummers, a lady on keys, and me on guitar/vox. As far as I know, we are the only band that has ever had this configuration. When I’m not creating content I’m reaching my goal of reading every Stephen King novel I can get my hands on, fixing up my old (but full of character) tour bus, building my recording studio, or making a mean chili.

Let’s connect and start grinding out some content.